Hans Op de Beeck - Night Time


Large, imposing book containing the night-time watercolours of Hans Op de Beeck

“It’s clear to see that what invariably animates the pictures is light. Watercolour is transparent, so the white of the paper itself is the light source.” - Hans Op de Beeck

Hans Op de Beeck has spent more than ten years working on a series of large, monochrome watercolours which he paints at night. The original works measure from 2.5 to 5 metres across and deal with both classical and contemporary themes. In many cases they are poetic scenes depicting mysterious night-time locations, sometimes populated by anonymous people. In common with his entire oeuvre, the mood of the image is the prominent feature.

This luxurious, large-format book, published in a limited edition of 800 copies, brings together more than sixty night-time watercolours which have never been published before. Together they create a sort of associative graphic novel.

Extensive Monograph. ISBN 978 94 6388 766 3
Published by Hannibal Books
Hardcover, 128 pages black/white illustrations

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