7 October 2001 - 9 December 2001

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, BE

It seemed that the 21st century would become the century of speed. But maybe we were mistaken about that. After all, we are also increasingly discovering the need for a slow, intense experience. In any case, stopping for a while, longer or almost means that we focus on a place, an event or an experience. We are really trying to get to the essence of what surrounds us.

The title of this exhibition refers to Café Aubette, the café in Strasbourg designed by Theo van Doesburg and Sophie Taeuber in 1926. It is considered one of the highlights of constructivist architecture. At the same time, it has strong ties to the latter days of Dadaism. The title was chosen because of the mythical appearance that the word has, referring to days gone by. This also indicates a clearly romantic trend in certain contemporary art.

The selected artists all show a certain longing in their work, not devoid of melancholy, for a different place or a different time. This desire mainly expresses a quiet look and entering into an intense relationship with the other, with the landscape, a place and ultimately also with oneself. It is work in which quests, 'musing places' and the sublime predominate.