Big Torino 2002, International Biennale of Young Art

19 April 2002 - 19 May 2002

Different Venues, Torino, IT

The 2002 International Biennial of Young Art presents the “BIG SOCIAL GAME”, where young people’s modern art intertwines and meets, where art proposes to change society. That is to say, the art of changing. Is it a game?

Art on the Web, in schools, in the squares and streets of Turin and throughout Piedmont: 150 productions by 300 international artists

BIG, act 2: the Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane is back in Turin with a new and revolutionary idea, that is to change the rules of Society through Art. The BIG SOCIAL GAME, the topic for European artists under 35 called to illustrate the latest frontiers in visual and other arts: a brainchild of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s, the Artistic Director of the event: “An invitation open to youngsters, to young people in any field of art who are feeling the need to push their imagination towards the boundaries of ideas, of sensitive responsible awareness in the framework of social change. Art questioning itself and acting in the social environment losing neither its roots nor its autonomy. It is a commitment, art’s responsibility filtered by the notion of a game. Things change in jest. You can win or lose a game, it doesn’t matter, it’s the game that counts.”