La Nuova Agorà

21 June 2002 - 31 October 2002

Cittadellarte / Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, IT

2002 - Art at the center of a responsible social transformation.

June 21 - October 31, 2002

Art at the center of a responsible social transformation, annual review at its fifth edition, now represents an event of international importance that draws to Cittadellarte (Biella) an ever wider public interested in the relevant initiatives that the Pistoletto Foundation produces in the interweaving of art, culture, production and different scientific areas.

The event program includes exhibitions, conferences, events, concerts and shows.

The exhibition

It was inaugurated on Saturday 22 June. The title explicitly indicates the interchange character of this initiative which consists in the encounter, communication and interaction of art with the economic, political and cultural realities that form the social fabric. Projects and works by individual artists are exhibited as well as numerous installations produced in collaboration between different subjects: art, culture, entrepreneurship, politics and economics creatively engaged in the reformulation of the prospects of civilization.

The exhibition is structured in thematic areas: production culture; intercultural shifts; alternative policies; art creates spaces; art and mass media; art and economics. These themes guide the visitor through the presentation of projects, events, ideas and realizations. All this constitutes an organic panorama of ideas, utopias, critical positions and concrete implementations.

The slogan that summarizes the commitment of the whole exhibition is the following:

each product assumes social responsibility.