Some Panoramas

13 September 2003 - 5 October 2003

Pump House Gallery, London, UK

This international exhibition celebrates the current interest in drawing and how varied in approach, technique and material this can be. Curated by Paul Hedge of Hales Gallery, the exhibition includes eleven artists who are interested in both the panoramic and landscape - be that of the interior, the constructed or the imagined.

As well as a varied and relaxed approach in display, often just large sheets of paper pinned informally to the wall, the show also attempts to show the broad spectrum of materials that are used to draw. Sebaastian Bremer draws with inks and retouching fluids on photographs to produce, what Hedge describes as, 'aura like overlays', Zadok Ben David creates 3D drawings with metal, Paul Flannery works in black felt tip and Tomoko Takahashi and Angus Leadley Brown use photography and annotated acetate. Also included is the work of Hans Op de Beeck and his animated 'video drawings' of gardens and Paul McDevitt's site-specific images in vinyl that run over the windows and walls of the gallery.

Subject matter for the artists varies widely - for New York based Dawn Clements it is her own domestic interior, while Adam Ross produces delicate linear images of seemingly futurist cityscapes. Composite and uninhabited landscapes form the imagery for Roger Kelly and recent graduate Jeffrey Ty Lee's video work uses the panoramic sweep of a camera to catch the peopled landscape of a drawing class.

This exciting selection of work challenges our preconceptions of what constitutes a landscape and suggests that even drawing can continue to move away from the traditional materials of art.