Hans Op de Beeck: Drawings

4 April 2006 - 13 May 2006

Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris, FR

Evence Verdier in the article she devotes to the artist, "Hans Op de Beeck, the twilight of illusions", which appeared in Art Press in September 2005, described as a metaphor for drawing the exhibition at the gallery Les filles from Calvary in Paris in September 2004: (…) The video projection Perte (2004) showed, among other images, waves whose progression led to the center of the exhibition space. There was a pond like the water lily pond that was also featured in the film. This sculpture appeared to have failed on the shore of the video, and the black and white exhibit resembled a three-dimensional drawing in which the viewer was responsible for bringing color. (…).

The rest of the exhibition, on the first floor, continued on the same principle, the viewer being greeted by a video composed of an animation of photographs of gardens digitally reworked like black and white watercolors and a soundtrack that resonated in echo with that of the lower floor. In the background, a huge photograph of the wave stopped the visitor and sent him back to the video below. On the side, underlined by dim lighting, floated large drawings, like memory traces, symbolic moments of the whole.