Hans Op de Beeck: Tables...

23 March 2006 - 22 April 2006

Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, AT

The belgium artist Hans op de Beeck creates sites which work as a catalyst for memories through his videos and installations. His works isolate, analyse and balance certain phenomena of reality.

For his first solo exhibition in Vienna, Hans Op de Beeck realised a new body of works, including a big spatial installation, a video installation and photo work.

The ‘tables’ that appear as a connecting thread in these works, represent for the artist places where large groups of people meet each other on the occasion of evident moments such as a marriage, a funeral or a birthday party. Moments where people are sitting together without being too enthusiastic for doing so, because of multiple, subdued family quarrels, little conflicts, hidden relation problems etc. Furthermore, e.g. in case of a meal after a funeral, also the reason of the gathering itself isn’t always a cheering thing.

The miscellany of faces, hands, snatches of conversation, small gestures, food, interiors and props reveal in an indirect way how the table-companions are related to one another. The exhibition is a visual reflection on human behaviour and table rituals.