21 April 2006 - 22 April 2006

ArtBrussels, Brussels, BE

On the invitation of IBK (Visual Arts Initiative) argos composed a videoprogram for artbrussels, which has developed a reputation as one of the most significant contemporary art fairs. Attracting participants from 20 countries, it is a a place where foreign galleries and artists find a platform to present themselves to Belgian collectors, and where young Belgian talent can introduce itself to the international market.

The term psychogeography refers to the architectural or geographical surroundings and the way they relate to perception and mental experience. Psychogeographical analysis is situated on the divide between art, architecture, geography and psychology and it isn’t merely the cornerstone of post-modern geography, but also one of the main sources of inspiration to reflect on urbanism and territoriality. A psychogeographical analysis starts from the exposure of relations, relating a genuine, material environment to an imaginary or possible environment. This program compiles work by six Flemish artists using such methods. Erki De Vries transforms a naked gallery space by means of modular interventions. Herman Asselberghs connects the sober interior of a library lobby to the medial space that surrounds us and Hans Op de Beeck does the same with 19th-century garden landscapes and ruins from World War I. In Africa Vincent Meessen explores the indefinable territory between archaeological remains and a potential urban space. Peter Downsbrough’s images of the urbane and industrial region in the North of France reflect on the past, the present and if possible the future through very differing opinions. Ria Pacquée evokes the psyschogeography of globalism and a labyrinth world.