Hans Op de Beeck: All Together Now...

6 February 2007 - 17 February 2007

Argos, Brussels, BE

All together now… is a tragicomic portrait of three groups of people attending different social gatherings. The camera pans slowly along the three table settings, each depicting a separate event: the first group, comprised of people in their late seventies is gathere dafter a funeral, at the table set with coffee and cakes, the second presents an elaborate wedding party with the bride and groom and their families, and the final setting shows a birthday party for a well-to-do pater-familias in a tasteful designer setting. This 6’20” choreography of actions in miniature, conversations and knowing glances, clarifies the relations around the table. Some of the characters are comic, others rather tragic or touching. All together now… is a contemporary portrait of human beings around the table, in which the sobering, post-party emptiness can be sensed while the feast is still in progress.