Le Dessin Eveillé

7 February 2008 - 20 June 2008

Frac Picardie & Maison de la Culture, Amiens, FR

From drawing, Frac Picardie seeks to capture the dimensions in which the line and the line deploy their respective or joint projects. Without fostering the desire for inaccessible exhaustiveness, or striving to reflect feverish news, a sensitive space is constantly evolving thanks to the multiple meanings that weave between them works and that inevitably recomposes the bringing together of artists from all artistic and geographic horizons.

First of all, attentive to the works on paper that constitute the heart of his project, the Frac Picardie has chosen to affirm drawing as an essential mode of expression and approach to artistic thought. The diversity of modern and contemporary approaches has given it statutes, tools, supports freed from secular rules which have removed it from light or have altered its potential autonomy. The Frac Picardie has thus successively directed its interest, without turning away from it, towards serial drawing, mural drawing, large papers and quite recently towards drawing set in motion.

In place of another consecrated terminology, the cartoon, the preferred generic designation wants to bring together works whose gestures, means, technologies used, production or dissemination devices used give life and movement to the drawing, by expanding its modes of appearance and recognition.

From the giant flip book by William Kentridge to the installation Native Movies by Pascal Convert, each of the works presented inscribes the drawing in a simultaneous experience of space and time where its attributes defy their usual materialities. They embrace and multiply to trace the real (Vergara); participate in a performance (Oppenheim); writing a story, a legend, a fiction (Tabaimo, Op de Beeck, Selwood); propose an abstract space offered to the visitor's involvement (Convert, McCall); finally develop a cathartic progression using cinematographic sequences (Girardet) or even suggest our own reflection in an ephemeral mirror (Munoz).

Each work inscribed in its own duration, excites our perception, stimulates our imagination. In each of them, the body is at stake: vector or support, subject or motif.

Presented simultaneously at the Maison de la Culture d'Amiens and at the Regional Contemporary Art Fund of Picardy, this exhibition reveals works acquired for the most part since 2002 by this cabinet of extraordinary drawings, which offers here its 300 th exhibition since its creation in 1983.