Hans Op de Beeck: Circumstances

16 November 2009 - 14 December 2009

Gallery Vartai, Vilnius, IT

VARTAI gallery presents the cycle of video works by the contemporary Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck titled “Circumstances” and consisting of six individual videos. Hans Op de Beeck has been recording the flow of life with a video camera since 1996. In 2008, this cycle of works was displayed in Rogaland art museum, Norway. In his works, the Flemish artist uses the media of video, installation and sculpture, animation and drawing, design and text to recreate and stage life, household and urban situations and to turn them into enacted scenes. The plots are full of reflections and point to the absurdity, boredom and senselessness of life; there is a feeling that the characters captured in the videos are being watched and often seem tragicomic.