Ce qui pèse et ce qui nourrit (R.M. Rilke) Biennale d'Art Contemporain

7 July 2018 - 26 August 2018

Musée Rolin-Musée Lapidaire-Hôpital St-Gabriël, Autun, FR

The Flemish artists Reniere&Depla, the curators of the biennale. They want to focus on the historical thread which links the former Low Countries, Flanders and Burgundy, and to illustrate the importance of the interactions and the cultural and artistic migrations which have withstood the changing political regimes and eras.

'All that is heavy, and all that must be sated' (The Orchard III). These words by Rainer Maria Rilke give us the keys to a world in which history, culture and the earth itself weigh upon our daily lives and yet give us vital impulsion to go even further, and to seek others from whom we may gleen nourishment. They relate a moving universe, outside accepted norms, showing a curious path far from modes and prejudices. Leaving aside conventional representations of the visible, these works recreate and reinvent through the sensitivity and the individual prism of each artist his own vision of reality.

22 Artists:
Hans Op de Beeck - Berlinde De Bruyckere - Jan Van Imschoot -
Renato Nicolodi -Sofie Muller - Quinten Ingelaere - Stefan Peters -
Maaike Leyn - Steven Peters Caraballo - Peter De Koninck - Gerald Petit - Reniere&Depla - Elly Strik - Marcel Van Eeden - Tamara Van San -

Carole Vanderlinden - Yves Velter - Tinus Vermeersch - Filip Vervaet -
Sarah Westphal - Léon Spilliaert - Godfried Vervisch