OFF-SPRING: New Generations

1 July 2018 - 1 June 2019

21c Museum Hotel, Lexington Kentucky, US

Rituals—religious and cultural, institutional and domestic—provide the thematic infrastructure for OFF-SPRING: New Generations. These sculptures, paintings, photographs, and videos employ iconographic imagery to explore the development of both personal and group identity, childhood, family, history, and gender politics. At the wedding altar, in the family home, or in the classroom, within the fantasy of childhood play or the familiarity of grown-up habit, these new, old narratives generate a spectrum of meditations on the contemporary construction of self and society.
Daily rituals and communal rites continue to shape identity and define the politics of family and society; in OFF-SPRING,transformations of iconic imagery from spheres both sacred and profane generate a new power, the power of potential and change.