20 January 2018 - 9 March 2018

Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels, BE

'A due'. Arte Contemporanea in Italia e Belgio, 1990-2015 ('In twos'. Contemporary Art in Italy and Belgium, 1990-2015), conceived and curated by Laura Viale and Maria Elena Minuto for the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels, is a project that originated from the idea of creating a dialogue between a series of Italian and Belgian artists who have emerged since the 1990s up to the latest generations.
With a cycle of appointments that will continue until the end of 2018, 'a due', hosts exhibitions, performances and encounters that highlight the connexions between artists from different cultures, experiences and generations. Each Italian invites a Belgian to exhibit and create a relationship of affinity or contrast.
Since the late Middle Ages, scenes of everyday life, common objects and domestic environments have characterized the figurative culture of the Low Countries. The "mirror", the "still life", the "masks" and the minutely represented "detail" incarnate obsessions with raw realism. Fascinated by these emblems and iconographies, the artists Fineschi, Scarabello and Op de Beeck open a dialogue in this exhibition with Belgian art and its feeling for the grotesque and the absolute. Presenting a body of works, including paintings, sculptures and videos, the artists reflect on the relentless flow of time, on the reality underlying the appearance of things and on the human condition in all its nuances, ambitions and privations. Hosted by the Italian Institute of Culture in Brussels and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Belgium, Rendez-vous reveals a unique view of Northern European imaginary and its history. The exhibition rediscovers ghosts, mysteries and melancholic sensations through an extraordinarily contemporary perspective.