Staging Silence (2) & Night Time - Screenings

19 December 2018 - 20 December 2018

Istanbul Modern Cinema, Istanbul, TR

Istanbul Modern presents the first screening in Turkey of two videos, Night Time and Staging Silence 2, by artist Hans Op de Beeck, whose sculpture “Sleeping Girl” is featured in the collection exhibition “In Pursuit of the Present”.
Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck produces works in diverse media such as large installations, sculptures, drawings, and photographs. In his videos, he deals with the themes of life and death employing a monochromatic aesthetic. The artist’s quietly-paced, perception-oriented videos give an implicit feeling of uncertainty. His meticulously staged videos sometimes recall a theatrical setting, while at others, they take the viewer on a journey through the magical world of animation.
In his animated video “Night Time”, made solely of black and white watercolor paintings, Hans Op de Beeck presents intriguing views of the city, dreams, nature, the human being, and different landscapes. The attentiveness to detail and spontaneity in the succession of scenes in the video are depicted as the nuances of life. The artist’s second video “Staging Silence 2” shows a series of motionless miniature dioramas presented on a fictitious plane, without, however, distancing the viewer from reality. Despite being conceived of simple objects, the scenes invite the viewer to watch a visual experience close to reality as if preparing a film set.
Screenings: 5pm