Staging Silence (2) Screening

14 February 2018 - 14 February 2018

Schwarzescafé, Zurich, CH

Treasures from the Argos Collection
Argos presents a program of historic and recent Belgian films, aiming to introduce eclectic video art scene of Belgium.
Belgian video art is internationally known for its avant-gardism, its eclecticism and its multiples crossovers with other disciplines. Belgian artists have long been pioneers in the use of the medium.
The program ‘Treasures from the Argos Collection’ brings together works by Luc Deleu, Filip Francis & De Nieuwe Coloristen, Wendy Morris, Hans Op de Beeck and An van Dienderen.
Luc Deleu, Filip Francis & De Nieuwe Coloristen – ‘Inktpot’, 1971, 5’14″
Wendy Morris, ‘Orlando’s Book’, 2013, 3’
Hans Op de Beeck, ‘Staging Silence 2’, 2013, 20’ 25”
An van Dienderen, ‘Letter Home’, 2019, 9’