16 January 2019 - 20 January 2019

Art Palm Beach, Florida, US

ArtPalmBeach Introduces Visitors to FLOW, a Multi-Video Installation Showcasing Cinematic Art From Decades Past
Every year, ArtPalmBeach Contemporary Art Fair presents that the community with striking contemporary art pieces from around the globe. As one of the most influential art fairs, ArtPalmBeach 2019 brings modern visual art to South Florida, providing
collectors, critics, and enthusiasts an inside look into contemporary and emerging artists. This year, the fair will reflect recent themes in the contemporary art world, such as the unconventional approach taken with the solely film and digital Turner Prize nominees. With powerful pieces and installations such as FLOW , a multi-video project on loan from the Whitespace Contemporary Art Collection, visitors can explore the visual aesthetic of cinema in a sophisticated setting. The 22nd edition of ArtPalmBeach will open from January 16-20, 2019, with an exclusive first look showing on January 16, from 6-10 pm.
FLOW focuses on one central video piece, Der Lauf Der Dinge, a short 30-minute video created by Peter Fischli and David Weiss. This iconic video has, in the 30 years since its conception in 1987, been one of the most frequently shown video art pieces screened throughout museums across the world. In addition to this piece, viewers can watch other video arts dating between the late ‘80s to the early ’00s. Violent Incident, by Bruce Nauman; Telephones, by Christian Marclay; Baltimore, b y Isaac Julien, Loss, by Hans Op de Beeck, and Perimeter/The Reminder, by Italo Zuffi are among the other cinematic pieces featured in the focal presentation.
In addition to these six videos, attendees of ArtPalmBeach will be able to explore other areas of the FLOW presentation, such as the Video Lounge, which has a line-up of animated videos by various creators presented as art. Visitors can lounge in the peaceful environment and peruse the animated films as they please, featuring works by Nathalie Dujurberg, Kota Ezawa, Lucia Hare-Leahy and Chinese American Kenneth Tin-Kin Hun. In juxtaposition to this upbeat portion of the installation, there will also be a showing of Housed Memory, a nine-hour-long video presentation that showcases records from the Wiener Library in London. As one of the first Holocaust archives in the world, the collection contains eyewitness accounts, books, photographs, documents, and films that provide first-hand insight into the era. Guests can listen to interviews from staff and volunteers discussing their work and the relationship they have developed with the documents and the people depicted within.