Kronos e Kairos

19 July 2019 - 3 November 2019

Parco Archeologico del Colosseo, Rome, IT

Kronos and Kairos, an exhibition that brings contemporary art to the monumental spaces of the Palatine, is open from 19 July to 3 November.
If Kronos represents the passage of time, Kairos is the perfect moment, the time when something special happens. This double definition creates a bond, but also a juxtaposition, between quantitative time, Kronos, and qualitative time, Kairos, through the course of history, recounted on the Palatine through the 15 works of art presented by the 15 Italian and international artists invited to participate.
The exhibition suggests a vision of the contemporary in communication with our historic heritage, showing the continuity and stratification that characterize the richness and uniqueness of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo. The chosen pieces, both audiovisual and installations, mesh with the panorama of the imperial palaces; the ancient and the contemporary support and sustain one another, clearing the way for a continuous relation between yesterday and today. Balance, the relation between history and nature, memory and sedimentation, just as the passage of time and conservation are the subjects that unite the show’s 15 artists: Nina Beier – Catherine Biocca – Fabrizio Cotognini – Dario D’Aronco – Rä di Martino – Jimmie Durham – Kasia Fudakowski – Giuseppe Gabellone – Hans Josephsohn – Oliver Laric – Cristina Lucas – Matt Mullican – Hans Op De Beeck – Giovanni Ozzola – Fernando Sánchez Castillo
Curated by Lorenzo Benedetti