5 January 2019 - 5 January 2019

DeSingel, Antwerpen, BE

X marks the spot this winter
During the first weekend of the new year 2018, B.O.X surprised friend and foe with a never before seen or heard mix of pop and classical, indie and baroque, traditional and new, of local heroes and international cult artists. And how the lice in DeSingel's fur had bitten!
When the New Year's hangover is still lingering, B.O.X will be there again on the first Friday of 2019.
Again, Pieter Theuns and his associates have managed to catch the top domestic and foreign high flyers: Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire (CAN), Hanna Benn (USA), Pétur Ben (IS), Brihang (B), Tsar B (B), ...
B.O.X stands for Baroque Orchestration X, a collective that mixes contemporary music with the richness of the baroque. A year ago, B.O.X returned with artists whom they have collaborated with in the past. Now they look forward to new experiments and collaborations. They occur in both XXL and XS settings - and you can hear the songs from the guest artists in a style that was never used before. But B.O.X always conjures up a nice, late New Year's party in DeSingel, with that unique miXmass atmosphere.

HUMO on the 2018 edition: "During the two-day miXmass festival the walls between old and new were mercilessly demolished and the musical adventure took precedence."