3 October 2021 - 16 January 2022

Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Ahlen, DE

Our society, which has been characterized by a maximum of functionality and efficiency in the past few years, has at the same time been living in chronic crisis mode for a long time. The corona pandemic has only exacerbated this and made it more clearly visible: Mobility and productivity almost came to a standstill. Global exchange processes no longer worked, forms of employment turned out to be fragile, and forms of life vulnerable. The “everything goes” became “nothing works”. The limits of growth were clearly perceptible. The question arises all the more urgently: How do we want to live? How can we do justice to future generations? Which fundamental changes are necessary for this? Is there perhaps an opportunity in the crisis? We need, it seems, a fresh start, a "reset"!

Artists are specialists in uncertainties, experiments and border crossings. The Ahlen Art Museum invites you to dare to look ahead to tomorrow and to rearrange our (global) life. On view are videos, photographs, installations, sculptures and drawings by 18 international artists from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Israel and the USA.

Participating artists: Anna Anders, Christoph Brech, Jutta Burkhardt, Homa Emami, Klaus Fritze, Andreas Gefeller, Lena von Goedeke, Lea Grebe, Andreas Horlitz, Miriam Jonas, Alexandra Knie, Andreas Kopp, Hans Op de Beeck, Timm Ulrichs, Bill Viola, Barbara Wrede, Thomas Wrede, Noa Yekutieli.