The World As We Don't Know It

24 September 2021 - 12 January 2022

Droog, Amsterdam, NL

The World As We Don't Know It

A new bond between humans and earth

What if animals, plants and other living creatures had the same rights as humans, or if rivers and mountains could sue us for the pollution we cause? What if the needs of non-human life in the North Sea were gauged before erecting windmills there? Or if we listened to children who bluntly state that eating lamb is tantamount to slaughtering a baby.

Climate crisis:
In this exhibition, 19 international artists share their visions of the climate crisis. All of them plead for a different relationship between humankind and the earth, a different way of organising society. Two closely interwoven lines of thought form the leitmotif of the exhibition: a more modest role for humans on this earth and a closer relationship between ecology and ethics. ‘Let’s stop talking about a climate crisis; we should be talking about a crisis of humanity,’ says the Finnish artist Terike Haapoja.

The World As We Don't Know It is curated by Renny Ramakers.