The Silent Reflection

27 January 2024 - 28 July 2024

Elbow Church, Amersfoort, NL

At The Elbow is a new exhibition space in the former Elleboogkerk on Langegracht 36 in Amersfoort. Over the next few years it will feature extensive installations by artists from the Netherlands and abroad. In De Elleboog is an initiative of Amersfoort in C (Kunsthal KAdE, Museum Flehite, Mondriaanhuis, Architecture Center FASadE) and made possible by the municipality of Amersfoort.

Currently on display is artist Hans Op de Beeck's new experiential installation "The Silent Reflection".

Hans Op de Beeck has made several of these over the past twenty years in a wide variety of locations. Each time they involve the creation of an enigmatic place with an architectural and landscape dimension, inviting the viewer to find silence and a timeless moment of reflection and calm.

For the In The Elbow location, this is a winter water landscape with a horizon. On the Beeck: "Water not only reflects in a literal sense, but figuratively stimulates reflection, reflective, contemplative thinking about being and the world."