22 November 2022 - 31 January 2023

Galleria Continua, St Regis Hotel, Rome, IT

As part of the “ARTE DI VIVERE” cultural festival that takes place at St. Regis Rome on 22nd, 23rd, and 24th November, The St. Regis Rome and Galleria Continua are pleased to announce that the internationally recognized Belgian artist, Hans Op de Beeck, will exhibit inside the communal spaces of the Roman hotel.

With the exhibition “Sognare”, (to dream), Op de Beeck will take over the hall of this historic Roman hotel with a selection of works that are installed in such a way as to allow full engagement and appreciation by guests and visitors. The hotel therefore becomes the stage for a sort of theatrical production, an interpretation of reality starting from scenes of daily life that hide the surrealism of a fantasy world that lurks beneath the surface.

The scenes presented to us by Op de Beeck in this visual narration are dotted with characters that mingle throughout the space, leaving no clear path for the visitor to follow, but instead invites them to join together in quiet contemplation of the possibilities that lie outside their daily experiences.

This is a contemplation that brings about peace, for example in “Pond (circular 300)”, a work of sublime beauty that emanates the comfort that nature gives us, contrasting with the black of the water, in this case configured by a sheet of dark glass which rather implies a more bleak and enigmatic narrative.

The enigma arises again in “The Conversation”: two men talk, seeming to be surprisingly comfortable while standing on a small and precarious foldable ladder. It causes us to ask ourselves who they are, what job they do, and what are the topics of their conversation. The replies to these questions contribute to their possible story.

“Fatima” is sitting comfortably on a surface, frozen in a muted and suspended moment: with closed eyes it is like she is lost in a quiet moment of introspection.

Among these silent figures, others come to our attention making us smile or wonder: “The Three Sisters”, a sculpture depicting three hens in the hall of the hotel or “Wunderkammer (11)”, a sculptural display cabinet containing protected objects and souvenirs, tells the numerous stories of a fictitious collector.

Hans Op de Beeck brings us on an imaginary journey, telling us not only the stories of our existence, but also of our hopes and dreams. His research ultimately focuses on inner peace and wonderment.